Thursday, January 19th, 2017

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Photos as Last!

I have managed to sift through most of the photographs I took during the trip, with a only the last few days worth left to go. Even though not yet finished, I have put some of the best photos that best represent the trip on the... 

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The Ride is Over!

I survived in one piece, albeit a little battered and bruised. I will put up a day by day account of the ride over the course of the next few weeks, together with photos. In the meantime, for the briefest summary of the trip,... 

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Motorbike Licence in the Bag!

It’s a long time since I passed my driving test,so it’s difficult to recall how easy or difficult it was. When I returned to the UK in 1985 I had to take the local test to drive here. The only thing I remember about... 

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Bike Licence on Track!

Today I took the second step towards getting a full motor bike licence. I successfully completed a days tuition at the Passmasters training ground in Northolt, west of London. This covered the fundamentals of motorbike riding,... 

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Stay Away From The Hospital!

I thought I would share this little incident that happened a few weeks ago whilst I was in Cape Town. It was a Saturday morning and I had a 2:30pm flight to Jo’burg on my way back to the UK. I was a bit annoyed that in my... 

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