Saturday, July 21st, 2018

Touch Africa

Touch Africa – Making a difference
The Eastern Cape of South Africa, home to Enduro Africa, is historically the poorest and most impoverished area of the country. It has been named as one of the ten worst places to grow up as a child.

What is Touch Africa Touch Africa is a Section 21 Company (2007/024885/08) which is sustainable and accountable to all stakeholders.

The Touch Africa initiative was started by Mike Glover, owner of Eastern Cape based Red Cherry Adventures. The concept was borne out of Enduro Africa.  Seeing the enormous need in the areas through which the Enduro Africa ride took place, Touch Africa was established to address some of the many problems encountered by the local community en route.

Touch Africa specifically targets the health and education sectors, with particular reference to rehabilitation of facilities.

The focus of our energies is on children and the scope of our work includes but is not limited to the:

  • rehabilitation of schools, clinics and crèches
  • provision of basic education equipment
  • rehabilitation of community halls
  • rehabilitation and/or provision of school transport
  • provision of technology

The requests from the rural villages are simple, they usually ask for clean toilets, gym equipment, sporting equipment, a soccer pitch, a fresh coat of paint and a happy place to learn. It is with your contribution, that we are able to make these dreams become reality.

Current Projects

One of the most serious issues facing our country is the transmission of air-borne diseases, primarily Tuberculosis (TB), in over-crowded, poorly ventilated clinics and clinic waiting rooms.

Since there is no treatment available for Extreme Drug Resistant TB, containment and prevention remains the only way to combat this disease at present.

The Medical Research Council and Council for Disease Control has approved a device called Technilamp, developed by a South African manufacturer. This is an ultra violet TB infection control lamp, which when placed in clinics protects against the spread of air-borne viruses and bacterial infections, thus protecting those working in and attending the clinic.

“Life Straws” are an inexpensive personal water filtration device that can remove contaminants from approximately 700 litres of water.

The schools in the Western Koukamma region have been earmarked as recipients of the “life straw” project. Early in 2008, a rapid increase in cases of diarrhoea was reported in this area. 343 cases were reported at Cacadu Clinics, of which 15 had to be hospitalized.

Friday Flik
For most of us a trip to the local cinema is easy. However many people in South Africa have never been to the cinema or seen a movie.

Due to the lack of infrastructure and ready cash in rural and urban areas, many children turn to crime and unsavoury ways of passing the time over a weekend.

Project Friday Flik was launched to provide a “movie house” in community centres, run by the local communities, who raise funds through this project to assist with community needs.

Adopt A School
Our simple aim is to make school a better place than home. This will ensure migration to their place of learning. We do this by fixing the simple things. Jungle Gyms, Desks, Sporting Fields and equipment and providing nutrition through container kitchens.

For all the information on Touch Africa and what has been achieved in the last year, please visit our website to get involved.