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On with the cycling shorts!

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Over the weekend I retrieved my bicycle from the garden shed and rode it halfway round the garden to the house and parked it there. The weather last weekend was too sunny and hot to be out cycling. Today however, the weather has cooled, so it seemed the perfect opportunity to start my fitness campaign. I got home before it was time to fetch the girls from school at Godstowe (another plug for you Mr Gainer!) and got changed.

I set myself the challenge of cycling 8km (that’s 5 miles in old money) in about half an hour. So I set off pedalling madly around the study at home. I should point out at this stage, that I have an excercise bike (Horizon BSC 500 Elite in case you are interested or need to feel impressed) so I didn’t physically travel very far.

I started off well and was pleased that I didn’t break a sweat until 18min 49seconds. The second trickle off the end of my nose took a further 31 seconds. But enough of that. Throughout most of the time I had a steady heartbeat of 132bpm. I hope this is within the safe range for my age!

In the closing 5-10 minutes this increased to 144bpm before I reached the 8km mark. It took 30 minutes and 39 seconds, with which I am pleased. In this time I burned off 171 calories according to my machine. I don’t know if I should be impressed with that, but it seems I could burn off more than that having sex six beers! One minute after stopping, my heart rate was down to 122 and then to 104 one minute later. I hope someone will tell me if that is a good recovery rate please.

ea004-600x400I averaged nearly 16km per hour at resistance level 4. That seems pretty pathetic when I noticed that the maximum resistance level is 20. I felt comforted however, by the fact that the speedo on my Audi is calibrated to 190mph (300kmh) and I know it won’t get anywhere near that. Big numbers are clearly only there to impress potential buyers or showoffs. I won’t bore you with these statistics in future posts.

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Tomorrow I am going to book my first motor bike lesson.


PS – some time after the excercise, my bum is still tingling and starting to feel a little numb. Must remember to wear my cycling shorts next time!

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