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Steve’s Enduro Africa Site Launched

March 28, 2009 by  
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Well, I’ve finally got the website in a suitable state to launch! I’ve spent endless hours researching and reading up on WordPress, the tool I have chosen to prepare this website. I’ve learnt a great deal about blogging and how it is done. Still haven’t got my head around it all yet, but at least the site is now up and running.

I’ve even bought a book about using WordPress for blogging, and as I write this, I have it open on page 173. I now know something about using plugins to make the site easier to access and use. I’ve been able to create an image library, add widgets and optimise the site so that it can be found by the search engines.


The Journry Begins!

I hadn’t anticipated it would require so much effort to get to this stage nor taken so long. There are still a lot of things I want to do to make the site more meaningful. I mustn’t lose site of the fact that the site is here to help explain what is it I will be doing to raise money for the charities as well as what each of the four charities do.

Please be sure to donate to these worthy causes by clicking on the donate button on the right of ths page. Please also share this website with as many people as you can.

Please feel free to post your comments about anything on this site.

Steve Moriarty

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