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Things are Hotting Up

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Things are starting to move along now. The organisers are telling me I am leaving things a bit late to raise the approriate monies within the set timescales. I have perhaps always been a late starter, perversely enjoying the added pressure of getting things done at the last moment!

I would like to thank David Gainer, Headmaster at Godstowe School in High Wycombe where my four daughters attend. He very generously agreed to circulate details of my fundraising trip to all of the parents at the school. As most of them aren’t short of a few bob, I am hopeful they will help me exceed my fundraising target of £5,000.

Parents and anyone for that matter, can donate simply by clicking on the donate button on the right of this page. I would also welcome any form of corporate sponsorship. If your company would like to help, please e-mail me at and I will send you a sponsorship form. Please be sure to visit the Charities page, Video page and the Gallery to get a true flavour of what this event is all about.

ea003-600x400I see two further challenges ahead. The first being that of attaining an appropriate level of fitness to undertake this gruelling event. As a general rule, I am averse to most forms of physical excercise. A week of skiing every other year or so I can manage as well as the odd round of golf. I must admit though, I would rather take a buggy if at all possible.

The next challenge is to obtain my motorbike licence. Like most of us my age, we having been driving forever and needless to say know all there is to know about driving on our roads including all of the traffic signs, speed limits, stopping distances etc. etc.

This perhaps is going to be the most interesting challenge. I will keep you posted…

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